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Growing up in Seoul, South Korea, where technological development is being rapidly intertwined with lives at every moment, RGBdog found the need to explore her position in this digital realm. How is technology affecting and changing human discourses — from the very individual level — body movement, relationships, way of

Tony James Morton is a musician, composer and sound artist whose work focuses on real-time systems aesthetics. These systems created have rules and structures, but within the confines of these boundaries, there is enough room for improvisation, chance, and probability. This allows for a different interpretation each time, creating unique

Iliada Charalambous' work usually finds its origins in current social and political events approached through a personal perspective. She sympathizes with what the feminist pioneer Carol Hanisch famously viewed as the 'Personal as Political', rooted in the thought that either directly or indirectly politics affect our individual lives; sometimes in

Ivan Iovine is an Italian interaction designer based in Frankfurt am Main. His works mainly focus on the intangible human side of machines. Through his multimedia installations, he tries to create possible future interactions and relationships between humans and machines.  Iovine’s works have been exhibited at the European Maker Faire in

Anita Nodilo is a Croatian dancer currently studying in The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. She believes there is something incredibly drawing about the silence and energy shared between the performers and audience, in the never-ending questions of dance and creation. There is a sense of infinite options but also

Ricardo Oliveira is a Portuguese percussionist currently studying in the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. Ricardo’s curiosity in finding new ways to communicate with audiences has led him to develop collaborations with artists from other disciplines.   As in dance, music without movement would be formless. Since music and dance both share

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