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The AV performance by Nikzad Arabshahi, an interdisciplinary artist working in the fields of painting, generative art, and new media, and Mehrnaz Khorrami, an electro-acoustic composer, introduces the audience to a vibrant dialogue between sound and visuals. 

Inspired by “Mind Uploading theory”, “Evoke” is an AV creative coding project that explores the hypothetical futuristic process of scanning the mental state of a particular brain substrate, and copying it to a processor or another computational device. The processor could then run a simulation model of the brain’s information processing, essentially responding in the same way as the original brain. The simulated mind could be within a virtual reality or simulated world, supported by an anatomic 3D body simulation model. “Evoke” is a self-awareness exploration of an imaginary cybernetic organism that is starting a self-hack journey through its macro uploaded memories to micro binaries data in order to perceive its embodied identity.

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