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Krea aims to answer society’s cultural needs in a creative and innovative way, constantly researching how to design immersive and relevant models of experiences. Developing environments saturated with inclusive and engaging qualities, Krea ultimately seeks to create new ways of experiencing Art. Furthermore, Krea recognises Art as an indispensable tool for innovation in human communication and for the promotion of a harmonious multicultural environment.

Stichting Krea develops projects that focus on contemporary art forms and aims to create an environment that promotes collaboration, connection, and interaction between artists, disciplines, and audiences.

Krea is currently based in The Hague, Netherlands and is open to collaboration proposals.

Executive Directors

Kaan Yazıcı

Sofia Vieira

Supervisory Board

Bert Kraaijpoel

Marko Uzunovski

Bonny van der Burg

Paul Jeukendrup

John Aiken

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