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Luca Tornato

“Repurpose” is a word that holds great meaning to Luca Tornato, and a concept that is widely reflected in his artistic production. His creative process entails a dialogue with the machines he uses, giving them the possibility of dreaming, thereby elevating them from their merely functional purpose. With an engineering background, he was trained to calculate. A computer was assembled to process data; an oscilloscope carries the primordial purpose of plotting electrical signals in waveform. But this isn’t all. Given the necessary commands, a computer can create an original painting with AI, and an oscilloscope can produce glaring visuals. Just as in the right environment, Luca has been able to create. Since he left engineering, he has been able to reflect on the significance of art, on how it changes and repurposes – people, objects, environments. Ultimately, not everything has to remain what it was originally intended to be.

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