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NO RESOLUTION creates a forum where matters pertinent to the contemporary art world and society at large are discussed by renowned guest speakers in an informal debate set-up, focusing on promoting open and honest dialogue.

EPISODE 1: New Media Captivated by its egalitarian and accessible nature, many artists have fully embraced new media in their practice, using it to reach audiences in immersive and innovative ways that attempt to create open channels for discourse. The first episode of NO RESOLUTION will explore various points of interest from the perspectives of our guest speakers, Olof van Winden, Nadia Piet, Esra Özkan and Soyun Park, about new media art.

This episode was filmed on the 19th March of 2021.

Production: Stichting Krea
Curators: Kaan Yazıcı & Sofia Vieira
Marketing: Gianella Bonilla

Editing & Sound Design: Kaan Yazıcı
Graphic Design & Visual Branding: Ringaile Demsyte

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