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No, where?

Now. Here!

Welcome to the premiere of No|W|Here. Heavily inspired by John Cage’s “4’34” ” and Alvin Luciere’s “I’m Sitting in a Room”, this piece is a summation of all the sounds of listening to it. As this is the premiere, it has never been heard, and therefore the sound of listening is yet to exist. 

Next time this piece will present the present sound of listening while, like this time, recording the sounds of listening. This process is to be repeated each time this piece is presented. 

To be clear, what you hear now will be heard next time. This piece is being recorded. That recording will be played the next time people listen to No|W|Here. 

Again and again.

Making music through the act of listening. Transcending time and space. Created through the combined sounds of all that have listened. 

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