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BLUEPRINT is a workshop-like series that will share targeted educational content, providing insight into the practices of artists from different disciplines. Aimed at young artists, BLUEPRINT stimulates knowledge exchange and creates a non-hierarchical space for the dissemination of knowledge, ultimately supporting the further development of collaborative and interconnected art communities.

The series encourages the establishment of healthy online communities that unite people in their creativity by presenting a program that is representative of various artistic approaches. Providing the young participating artists with adequate context and tools, the program of BLUEPRINT includes the presentation of thought-provoking artistic projects that aim to stimulate the participants’ creativity, while expanding their skill-set.

Workshop 1: Extending your Instrument

by Juanlu Montoro

The workshop introduces a guide to elaborate an extension of your own instrument with sensors. No matter the sound source (acoustic or electronic), the focus will be on informing about the chain needed to get the sensor data and transform it into controllers for different electronic sound processes. 

Before the workshop, an email will be sent with a link to: 

■ Explanations about how to download the softwares used during the workshop

Codes and patches for every software

■ The recommendation for the necessary material

Goals of the workshop

■ Basic knowledge about how to connect Sensors to Arduino

■ How to run the Arduino Code to get the sensor data

■ How to work with the initial patch in Max to process the data of the sensor in the desired manner

■ How to send the data from Max to Ableton Live and map it to sound processes plug-ins

■ Getting the sound of your instrument in Live and controlling a parameter of a sound process with your sensor

■ Optional: Connect the data to SuperCollider to control sound synthesis instead sound processes

Juanlu Montoro

In his practice, Juan Luis Montoro experiments with the boundaries between traditional instruments, various performance techniques and technology. Currently, Juanlu’s work is frequently based on extended instruments, by adding embodied sensors to traditional  instruments, and the analysis of electronic processes, which he uses as material for structuring his compositional ideas.

In 2014, after concluding his Bachelor studies at the Conservatory of  Málaga (CSMM), he moved to The Netherlands in order to study Sonology and follow a Master in Composition, at the Royal Conservatory of Thee Hague. Nowadays, he is teaching at Conservatorio Martín Tenllado.

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