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InTake – Interdisciplinary Art Forms is a young annual festival which aims at bringing together works that stimulate all the human senses with the goal of creating an inclusive and deeply engaging context for its audience.

The second edition of InTake will focus on further exploring the concept proposed by the first edition. Exploring the idea that true interactivity always results in different outcomes, we will be inviting the artists to explore the possibilities of the role of the audience - how can the audience become material/performer?

Taking place between November 6 and 8, InTake will combine immersive artistic performances and an exhibition, joining together fifteen young artists from different fields such as sculpture, photography, audio-visual media, contemporary music, dance, media art, and gastronomy. Additionally, as a way to promote open discourse between artists and audiences, InTake will host multiple discussion panels led by mediators specialized in the field.


Quartair Contemporary Art Initiative


Due to current COVID-19 restrictions,
InTake – Interdisciplinary Art Forms has been postponed to a date that remains to be announced.

Please visit Corona Measures to get more information on Krea’s current policies to create safe experiences for its audience.

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Artistic Direction – Sofia Vieira & Kaan Yazıcı

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