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NO RESOLUTION creates a forum where matters pertinent to the contemporary art world and society at large are discussed by renowned guest speakers in an informal debate set-up.Fostering an exploratory environment, NO RESOLUTION aims to strengthen the bonds between practitioners and audiences and to promote the establishment of a socially engaged and inclusive society. 

Highlighting art’s potential as a valuable and innovative tool in constructing new forms of human communication, NO RESOLUTION furthermore nurtures the development of a harmonious multicultural environment in which different views, heritages, knowledge and experiences are acknowledged and appreciated. The platform has been designed as an egalitarian space in which audiences and artists spread across the globe, and practitioners from different backgrounds may exchange ideas, thereby focusing on creating open and honest discourse about socially relevant matters.

Episode 2: Art Institutions


In the last few years, museums have been paying a great deal of attention towards promoting themselves as postcolonial institutions and inclusive spaces for multicultural collaboration. However, the very nature of the museum raises questions regarding its ability to effectively contribute to a diverse and inclusive society. The second episode of NO RESOLUTION will explore these matters from the perspectives of our guest speakers, Amanda Fayant, Mariana Rebola and Jeroen Lavèn.


Episode 1: New Media


Captivated by its egalitarian and accessible nature, many artists have fully embraced new media in their practice, using it to reach audiences in immersive and innovative ways that attempt to create open channels for discourse. The first episode of NO RESOLUTION will address various points of interest from our guest speakers’ perspectives around the role of new media in art.


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