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transmit<>dissolve is an art installation which plays with the consequences of image capturing and broadcasting. With the advent of the electronic image, the human senses became expanded. Eyes can reach the entirety of the planet, the explorable universe and the insides of the body, (a)live. The effects of this phenomenon,

PrincessCamel(Berk Özdemir) and RGBdog(Soyun Park) have joined their powers experimenting playful ways of combining their images and sounds involving technology and performative body movements. Using object detection classification with neural networks, the two artists are tracked by cameras and the data they produce will transform into visuals and sound. The

Drops is an audio/visual, interactive system that reflects on humankind’s relationship with the natural world and our need for unity in tackling climate change. The work allows viewers to work together and collaborate in the creation of an “ocean-like” soundscape. A single water drop is displayed, taking centre stage of

In order to avoid climate catastrophe, rapid behavioral change is required. This has been known for a long time. The faster we act, the less it will cost, and the more we can gain from being global leaders. Yet science, economics, and rational choice on their own are not convincing

Theodore is an interactive installation capable to write sentimental letters based only on image content. The main idea underlying this project is to find out if machines are able to understand feelings, context, and generate intimate and confidential letters that express human-like sentiments using only pictures as input. For this

Developed by Cemre Deniz Kara and Mattia Papp, “CROSSMODAL DINING” is a multi-sensorial interactive food experience, in which several dishes will be served to the audience. In connection with the Chinese proverb “Tell me and I will forget, show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.”,

“I have cast fire upon the world, and watch, I am guarding it until it blazes”  “Until it blazes” is a piece composed by Eve Beglarian which is based on a rhythmical structure that she uses as a growing fire, connecting all the layers of complexity within it. Ricardo Oliveira and

Ana Teresa Vicente’s series of pieces research social issues related to sensory disabilities, namely gaze and touch. "Something is always potentially inaccessible: those who can see the image may not be able to decode the descriptions, and those who can read Braille, while creating their own mental image from the sum

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