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“I have cast fire upon the world, and watch, I am guarding it until it blazes”  “Until it blazes” is a piece composed by Eve Beglarian which is based on a rhythmical structure that she uses as a growing fire, connecting all the layers of complexity within it. Ricardo Oliveira and

Ana Teresa Vicente’s series of pieces research social issues related to sensory disabilities, namely gaze and touch. "Something is always potentially inaccessible: those who can see the image may not be able to decode the descriptions, and those who can read Braille, while creating their own mental image from the sum

The AV performance by Nikzad Arabshahi, an interdisciplinary artist working in the fields of painting, generative art, and new media, and Mehrnaz Khorrami, an electro-acoustic composer, introduces the audience to a vibrant dialogue between sound and visuals.  Inspired by "Mind Uploading theory", “Evoke” is an AV creative coding project that explores

“Repurpose” is a word that holds great meaning to Luca Tornato, and a concept that is widely reflected in his artistic production. His creative process entails a dialogue with the machines he uses, giving them the possibility of dreaming, thereby elevating them from their merely functional purpose. With an engineering

Mattia Papp is a painter based in Den Haag, The Netherlands. Throughout the last years, Papp has moved towards installation making, trying to combine elements of the classical tradition of art-making and more avant-garde conceptions of art, which have always been very dear to the Dutch culture. His work brings

Cemre Deniz Kara is a Turkish artist currently studying at the ArtScience Interfaculty, The Royal Academy of Arts, Den Haag. Using a wide range of mediums, such as projection mapping and live performances, Kara’s work is at the intersection of art and technology. The focus of her artistic practice is

Berk Özdemir considers every digital thing he uses or consumes, as a potential raw material for his audiovisual compositions and performances. He enjoys working with instruments, synths, browsers, video games, libraries, scripts, gists and audiovisual media. Currently, he is working on transforming object detection algorithms, running with live camera feeds,

Growing up in Seoul, South Korea, where technological development is being rapidly intertwined with lives at every moment, RGBdog found the need to explore her position in this digital realm. How is technology affecting and changing human discourses — from the very individual level — body movement, relationships, way of

Tony James Morton is a musician, composer and sound artist whose work focuses on real-time systems aesthetics. These systems created have rules and structures, but within the confines of these boundaries, there is enough room for improvisation, chance, and probability. This allows for a different interpretation each time, creating unique

Iliada Charalambous' work usually finds its origins in current social and political events approached through a personal perspective. She sympathizes with what the feminist pioneer Carol Hanisch famously viewed as the 'Personal as Political', rooted in the thought that either directly or indirectly politics affect our individual lives; sometimes in

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